DERMAJET Morfologic Double Cavitation

Unique on the market, this equipment of body treatment combines Endomassage techniques, thanks to the double cavitation, and selection of Morphologies. Patented technique by ENCO.

While the endomassage is working (suction), the double cavitation penetrates, producing important effects with quick and effective results; moreover it considers the morpholgy of each client.


  • Cellulite – obesity – flabbiness.
  • Liposution effect, for destruction of deep fatty cell, with localized form .
  • Tissue reaffirmation.
  • Increase supply of blood.
  • Penetration of active principles for Sonoforesi.
  • Selective Morphologic treatment.


Realizes a massage from outside to inside, combined effect of sucking with tension under the cell and stretching of tissue that generates a pressure and massage producing an improvement of the skin quality.

  • Reducing cellulite and releasing sclerosis fibres.
  • Increasing supply of blood.
  • Producing a drain effect for the mobility

Double cavitation:  Dermajet Morfologic Equipment.
The double cavitation is resulting from Ultrasounds, it is the combination of two modulated waves, which produce an extraordinary effect generated by two waves of distinct and combined frenquencies, that gives resonance engendering enough quantity of energy to cause selective disintegration in two coats different than the tissue on one hand, at the adipose cell level , and on the other, at the visceral flab level.

These waves interact at the same time, generating a high increase of intern temperature from its vibration, molecular resonance of the cavitation.
The double cavitation used for the eequipment Dermajet Morfologic has a Frequency of 1 Mhz and 1/2 Mhz; the first reach a depth of 4 cm in the tissue (adipose panniculis) and the second reach 8cm, arriving at the visceral flab, being more deep and effective.

For the first time, the equipments are made in accordance with morphology science; we are not all of equal, that is why treatments are not standard for every body and that each one react differently or present different types of cellulitis or fat; thus it has to be treated of individual form and address the treatment to be effective and durable in time.


The endomassage acts intelligently adapting the suction power and rhythm of each phase of treatment: Reduction, reaffirmation, draining blood and lymphatic drainage. Work with different ultrasound frequencies, combined or individually.
High frequency (1 MHz), Medium frequency (600 KHz) are combined in a continuous or pulsed depending on its purpose and treatment. Dermajet Morphologic acts at different levels of tissue: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, muscle and even visceral fat. Thus the simultaneous binding of Endomasaje + cavitation get more localized effects.